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Our expert charity Advisory Group members all have extensive clinical and international volunteering experience. The group’s role is to review and endorse Taking Paediatrics Abroad’s volunteer clinical team, and advice and or guidance on telehealth session planning and conduct.


Paediatric Emergency Physician

Susan is a Paediatric Emergency Physician at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW), one of the busiest paediatric emergency departments in Australia.

She is a passionate teacher and advocate for children’s health and safety. She has contributed to numerous policies, the Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and the Sydney Child Health Program. She also runs the CHW Paediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program.

Sue is a longstanding member of the organising committee for the annual CHW Weekend for GPs. She is also a member of the International Committee of Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) Australia & New Zealand and has had extensive experience teaching APLS in developing countries. She has also spent considerable time volunteering, teaching and mentoring junior doctors working in Laos Friends Hospital for Children in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Susan Phin


Community/Developmental Paediatrician

Sue Woolfenden is the Director of Community Paediatrics at SLHD, a Clinical Professor at the University of Sydney and a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow. She is the co-chair of the NHMRC AHRTC Sydney Health Partners Child and Adolescent clinical academic group and co-chair of the Sydney Institute for Women, Children and their Families. In her clinical, service development and research roles she aims to address child health and health care inequities in Australia and globally working with priority populations. She has experience with working with large collaborative multidisciplinary teams including government, non-government agencies, parents, young people and clinicians using qualitative and quantitative methods. Sue is an investigator on multiple grants with a focus on developing integrated and equitable models of child health care  >$13 M funding over the last 5 years, and has 139 peer-reviewed papers. Sue also works with paediatric teams in the Asia Pacific as part of her clinical and research role.

Sue Woolfenden, Taking Paediatrics Abroad


Registered Nurse

Sally is an experienced nurse who is passionate about equitable access to healthcare for all. This commitment has led to international humanitarian work and volunteer placements in disaster relief and public health. She was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal for her work in Sierra Leone in the 2014/15 Ebola outbreak. 

Sally Whitaker, Taking Paediatrics Abroad

Dr. Claire Ferguson


Paediatric Orthotist

Ruth began her career in a large tertiary teaching hospital in the NHS, UK before moving to Laos, where she spent six years assisting with the development of their Nationwide rehabilitation service. Ruth has taught in several countries around the world, most recently in the Pacific Islands, and has set up National Clubfoot programs in Laos and Papua New Guinea. Ruth was the Executive Director of Allied Health for The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network for four years, as well as maintaining her substantive role as the Manager of Orthotics at the Sydney Children’s Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital where she has been for over 10 years, Ruth has had the opportunity to assist many children and their families with orthotic care and rehabilitation support, and is particularly passionate about treating clubfoot to prevent disability using the Ponseti method.

Ruth Baker, Taking Paediatrics Abroad


Paediatric Registrar, Sydney Children's Hospital, Leading the Junior Doctor Journal Club for 2022

Elodie is a paediatric registrar at Sydney Children’s Hospital, fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a paediatrician. Placements in Papua New Guinea, Nepal and remote Australia as a medical student reinforced Elodie’s passion for equitable access to high-quality healthcare and the responsibility of individuals to contribute.

Elodie has been leading the Paediatric South Pacific Junior Doctor Journal Club for paediatric registrars from Pacific nations since 2022 and hopes to create a space for mutual learning and encouragement across diverse contexts.

Dr Elodie Moreau


General Paediatrician

Josephine is a General Paediatrician at Canberra Health Services and Paediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick. She is currently completing a fellowship in Simulation at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick.

Josephine is passionate about paediatric healthcare, education and simulation, particularly in low-resource settings where she has prior experience working as a Paediatrician with Medecins Sans Frontieres. Josephine holds a Graduate Diploma of Clinical Teaching (University of Melbourne) and her collaborative use of magnesium sulphate in treating paediatric tetanus led to the development of an organisational-wide international guideline. 

Dr Josephine Goodyer


Retired Registered Nurse

Lynne’s nursing career spanned 48 years across multiple heath settings overseas and in NSW. She spent the majority of this time working with children and young people and is committed to contributing to education through Taking Paediatrics Abroad. She is a lifetime member of the Australian Burns Association.

Lynne Brodie


Paediatric Surgeon

A/Prof Susan Adams is a paediatric surgeon at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. She has the privilege of working closely with children and their families at what can be vulnerable and stressful times for them. Susan has co-founded long term follow-up clinics for children with vascular tumours and anomalies, and another for children with life-long surgical bowel conditions. Working closely with families ‘behind the scenes of life’ in these multidisciplinary services is so important in supporting children to be happy, social and engaged at school, in sport, and in all aspects of life.

In the area of childhood injury, Susan is an injury prevention advocate and researcher, and works closely with the Injury Group at The George Institute for Global Health on research aimed at improving paediatric trauma care.  She is an APLS instructor in Australia and Vietnam, which provides an awesome opportunity to share stories and experiences across all paediatric specialties in diverse settings.

Recreationally, Susan likes to garden – specialising in growing dahlias, and tasty but ridiculously small vegetables. She is also an avid crocheter and sewist – not so surprising when you consider the Greek origin of the word surgery means ‘handiwork’.

Dr Susan Adams
Children smiling for the camera, Cambodia

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