Working for Equitable Healthcare for Children Globally

Facilitating the sharing of paediatric care to prevent and control diseases, save lives and create a brighter future for children globally.

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About Us

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Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is equitable healthcare for children globally.


To share expertise in paediatric care to prevent and control diseases, save lives and create a brighter future for children and young people in low-resource settings overseas and in Australia.


  • Empowerment of colleagues
  • Excellence in service
  • Respect for people, communities and cultures
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity and accountability

Guiding Principles

  • Children are our core focus, for both care and advocacy
  • We are always learning – we celebrate knowledge and the transformative power of education
  • The spirit of community and philanthropy inspires us
  • The success of our colleagues in their endeavours is our success – we achieve through their work
  • Our colleagues closest to where care is given remain best placed to understand the needs of patients; our aim is to support these colleagues

Who We Are

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Establishing Taking Paediatrics Abroad

Taking Paediatrics Abroad was established in 2019 as a not-for-profit organisation to facilitate sharing of paediatric expertise between Australian paediatric clinicians and healthcare professionals in rural Australia and developing countries including Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Due to travel bans arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned first phase of face-to-face overseas volunteering has moved to its ‘phase two’ – a high-impact telehealth project, enabling two separate services:

  • telemedicine consultations for children in remote locations in NSW
  • telehealth sessions enabling health professionals in developing countries to access the latest evidence-based paediatric knowledge and expertise shared by Australian experts via Zoom

Due to travel bans arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face overseas volunteering is on hold at this time. Clinicians may have the opportunity to travel to support their colleagues in person, in the future.

TPA Charity Status

Taking Paediatrics Abroad has full charity status with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission and tax deductibility status (DGR-1).

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Doctors conducting a telehealth session

“Taking Pediatric Abroad teaching sessions have improved the knowledge of Cambodian pediatricians at National Pediatric Hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children and three main provincial hospitals of Cambodia. After acquiring up to date knowledge from specialists in Australia through online training, our pediatricians have organized CME for physicians in provinces. TPA also improve the quality of pré-service medical training because medical students have participated in the training directly or indirectly through their mentors in the hospital.

Our pediatricians not only learn new skill from experts in Australia, but also have opportunities to develop their knowledge in areas of pediatric that are not yet available in Cambodia. With the support of sub-specialist consultation and guidance, our pediatricians are able to manage difficult cases confidently and reduce patient’s suffering on time.

TPA training have changed the way of medical practice, improved the quality of health care as well as patient safety and reduced child mortality rate, especially at the National Pediatric Hospital that receives patients from everywhere throughout the country.

TPA has been significantly contributing to the improvement of child health in Cambodia.”

Feedback from Prof Eap Tek Chheng
VP Cambodian Paediatric Association, May 2021

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The Taking Paediatrics Abroad Story

Our journey began in 1980 when Founder and Managing Director, Dr Kathryn Currow, worked in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. The rugged landscape was a barrier to the population accessing timely healthcare; this showed her what could be achieved with a small hospital and dedicated staff.

The early experiences of Founder Dr Kathryn Currow inspired and informed her later work with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Sydney Child Health Program and led to the establishment of Taking Paediatrics Abroad.

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TPA Policies

Paediatric Projects

Aboriginal Family, grandmother and child

Taking Paediatrics Abroad facilitates telemedicine consultations for children in remote Australian Aboriginal communities.

Telehealth sessions with TPA

Taking Paediatrics Abroad connects Australian doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals with colleagues in developing countries.

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Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, our face-to-face overseas volunteering program is on hold for 2021. Read our Latest News area for updates.


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